Simplify Multi-Store Chain Restaurant Management with Tech24

No matter how widespread your chain’s footprint, from local to nation-wide, you want your customers to experience the same quality at every location. That’s why you put standards in place to provide the same consistency in food and experience.

On that same token, wouldn’t it be great if you could find one service provider that would provide you with the same consistency across the country that you require of your stores? With our national reach and commitment to excellence, that’s what Tech24 can provide.

One point of contact for a streamlined experience

You don’t have time to manage multiple vendors with different procedures, resources, processes, invoicing, etc. You need one main point of contact for all your maintenance needs.

Our network of service providers is one of the largest in the country, covering 50 of the largest metropolitan markets with more than 500 self-performed technicians. We can also service the rest of the country through our trusted network of more than 1,600 service partners.

That means we’re always nearby and ready to serve. We’re also continuing to grow our reach, expanding into new markets each year, so you can have confidence in our ability to service multiple stores across the U.S.

At Tech24, you get a streamlined experience that includes consistent pricing, consistent processes, consistent service experiences and consistent reporting and invoicing — with just one point of contact for any location, any branch, anytime.

The most services for efficient solutions

From the hot side to the cold, our technicians can service virtually any commercial kitchen equipment, including cooking, refrigeration, beverage and HVAC.

Our technicians are trained to manage installations, on-site repair and maintenance, removals and refurbishments.

Additionally, we’re an authorized service provider for more than 300 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) so you can save the most money possible through OEM reimbursements.

Our depth of service offerings provides you with a solution for nearly any equipment issue you face.

The best-trained technicians for the quickest repair times

We invest heavily in our technicians’ training so your repairs are done in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

To be the best, we created “Tech24 University,” a program with a curriculum based on a combination of CFESA principles and practical field experience. With four full-time trainers on staff, our technicians have an active training calendar and access to assistance at any time.

Our technicians are trained not only on equipment repairs but also on how to interact with customers, including clear communication about the problem and any follow-up needs.

Better trained technicians spend less time onsite, keeping your repair bills low and staying out of the way of your kitchen staff. At Tech24, we strive to have the best-trained technicians in the industry.

The most advanced technology for full visibility

We fully embrace technology tools that will allow our technicians to make the most of their time onsite, with video technical support available 24/7, and access to thousands of equipment manuals on their handheld devices.

All our vans are equipped with GPS for more efficient dispatching and Wi-Fi to allow technicians to update service calls in real time.

With our wireless tools, technicians send before, after and during pictures and documentation to provide you with proof of work and peace of mind.

As a Tech24 customer, you can access all our data, and we provide you with full visibility and control. We can connect with your own management systems via APIs, or you can access our free customer portal.

We also have a sophisticated work order management system tracking our parts usage that we actively monitor. It automatically orders parts when we are running low so we keep our inventory stocked with the parts you need when you need them.

Highest integrity for peace of mind

Providing a vendor with access to some of your most valuable investments, your equipment, is certainly an exercise in trust. But we do everything we can to make our customers comfortable.

After more than 40 years in business, our motto, “do the right thing,” hasn’t changed. We are constantly monitoring internal KPIs such as response time and first-time fix rates to ensure you’re getting the highest quality work.

We’re open to feedback and follow up with customer satisfaction surveys after every service call so we can adjust and correct where needed. Our surveys have a 98% approval rating, but we read every single one to ensure we are maintaining our reputation.

Simplify your life with Tech24

By choosing Tech24, you’re getting a reputable, highly-skilled partner that can handle any equipment repair or maintenance need you have — with the same level of consistency you strive to provide your own customers.

Whether you’re ready to partner with us or have more questions, reach out. We’d love to discuss the solutions we can provide you.