Tech24 University:
The gold standard for industry training

There’s a reason that our technicians at Tech24 have earned a reputation for reducing or eliminating downtime for our customers and getting them back up and running fast — superior training. Rather than following the inefficient “ride and learn” model, we created Tech24 University to ensure that our field technicians have the expertise they need to handle whatever challenges they come across.

Proprietary curriculum

Based on CFESA principles and 40+ years of field experience

Professional trainers

Highly-qualified full-time on-site and virtual trainers

In-field support

Realtime live video support from subject matter experts

Our proprietary curriculum is based on a combination of CFESA principles and practical field experience from our 40+ years in the industry, providing comprehensive training with equal parts of instruction and hands-on training.

We take Tech24 University very seriously, spending millions on training each year. Because of our size, we have the ability to produce courses at scale, rolling out new instruction as needed. We employ full-time on-site and virtual trainers, and conduct courses across the country in various branches.

To further bolster our training program, technicians in the field have access to second opinions via live video support with subject matter experts to ensure that even the most complex jobs are completed in the most efficient way possible.


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