How Technology Helps Us Better Serve You

Have you ever had a repairperson hand you a hand-written invoice? Have you experienced a maintenance call where the technician thought they had the right tools or parts on their truck only to discover they needed to return later with the correct assets? A lack of technology tools is often to blame for these scenarios.

From dispatching to invoicing, we utilize the best technology tools to provide you with seamless, simplified service.

Dispatching efficiency

Our sophisticated database and dispatch system tracks each call by model and serial number so your repairs will never fall through the cracks or be sent to a technician unfamiliar with your equipment.

Since our call center is open 24/7, you’ll reach a real person whenever you call who will ensure your request is queued as needed.

All our work vans are GPS-tracked so dispatchers know exactly where each technician is and can maximize response times and better coordinate efficiency. That means shorter wait times for you and less wasted gas for us.

Technician tools

Although we invest significantly in training our technicians, we know there’s no way to prepare for every single situation they might encounter. So, we equip them with tools that can help them make the most of their time on-site and provide you with quick, efficient repairs.

We utilize a MobileAssistant app that gives our technicians access to materials such as service manuals and parts diagrams. They also have visibility to all our inventory, including what’s on their own vans, their colleagues’ vans and the warehouse.

We understand how important it is for foodservice equipment to be up and running quickly, so we make every effort to increase our first-time fix rates and prevent downtime for our customers.

Customer communication

Our motto is “do the right thing,” and that applies particularly to customer communication. We believe clear communication is vital to maintaining a strong relationship with you and invest heavily in technology tools for this reason alone.

We understand that many of our customers, especially those with multiple stores, can’t be on site for every repair. That’s why our technicians provide real-time service call updates.

They’re equipped with cameras to document repairs, installs, maintenance or equipment condition at the start, middle and end of each service call.

We communicate this information directly with customers via our customer portal or through service management system APIs so you can stay informed on what’s happening during every step of the process.

We can also send invoices via your own service management system, simplifying the bill payment process.

Have more questions about how we use technology? You can find more details here, or simply reach out and ask!